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Tint Pros Offers Financing Of Its Products And Services Interest Free On Purchases Of $300 Or More If Paid Within 6 Months

Tint Pros is a leading company in the application of window (tint) and paint protection films for new car dealers, such as Mercedes Benz, Acura, Infiniti, BMW, Audi and other exotic automobiles.

The craftsmanship and technical skills of the professionals at Tint Pros cannot be overstated as they work on flawless cars, often with less than 100 miles on the odometer.

Window tint or invisible shield should be undetectable as an aftermarket accessory, appearing as if the automobile was appointed with tint and invisible shield from the manufacturer.

Tint Pros School
Tint Pros School of Window Film (Tint) and Paint Protection Film Installation are offered monthly with successful participants...
Instructional Videos
Tint Pros has installed window (tint) and paint protection film on literally thousands of cars, many of which were brand new vehicles...


Tint Pro’s instructional videos are based upon years of experience in applying film to a vehicle’s windows and the painted surfaces most exposed to road debris. Tint Pros has been trusted with the application of film on many automobiles ranging from exotic sports cars and expensive sedans to the American sub-compacts. Tint Pros offers general videos describing the tools, equipment and the process of applying various films and their removal. In addition, a portfolio of videos of specific vehicles demonstrating either tint or paint protection film application is available to help the car enthusiast complete a project or to support the professional technician through a challenging process. Tint Pros also offers pre-cut paint protection patterns for Recreational Vehicles “RV”s and Semi-Tractors. Read more...

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